Becoming an accredited employer

Are you struggling to recruit skilled workers and develop your business with the local workforce? Are you unable to find New Zealanders to fill the roles? You are at a point where you have identified the need to rely on overseas talents to take your company to the next level, or simply to keep it running. You are at the point where you should wonder how to get company accreditation.

Using an INZ employer accreditation consultant

Immigration New Zealand (INZ) aims to ensure that temporary migrant workers are only recruited for genuine shortages while still ensuring that employers can access the skills and labour they need. To get your company accredited, a comprehensive application must be prepared and lodged with INZ. Our expert consultants will work with you to determine the level of evidence required and ensure that the INZ thresholds are met for the applicable category.

What are the requirements to get your company accredited?

To grant Accreditation, Immigration New Zealand requires an employer to demonstrate certain criteria. These include having a sound financial position to determine if the employment is sustainable and providing evidence of good financial position and trading history. The employer must also have human resource policies and recruitment processes that are of a high standard and follow compliant employment agreements and job descriptions according to New Zealand employment law.

Additionally, the employer must have a commitment to training and employing New Zealand citizens or residence class visa holders, demonstrating that they are engaged in training and up-skilling New Zealanders and that they make up a significant part of their workforce. Health and safety and employee well-being are also important factors, as is the ability to provide training and career progression opportunities.

To obtain accreditation, employers must demonstrate good workplace practices that comply with all immigration and employment laws in New Zealand. This includes having a fair, equitable, and safe workplace and a history of complying with immigration and employment regulations both presently and in the past.

Employer Accreditation Validity and Supporting Migrant Workers

Employer accreditation is granted for a limited period, with an initial validity of 12 months. Accreditation renewals are granted for 24 months, except for franchises and labour-hire companies which are granted renewals for 12 months. Once a company is accredited, they can support a migrant worker for an Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV) application, which helps streamline the visa process for both the employer and employee.

Accreditation for Subsidiary Companies

To obtain accreditation, a subsidiary company must apply on its own as it cannot be covered under the accreditation of its parent company.