Overview of the Immigration Accreditation Process

The immigration accreditation process may involve business-sensitive information, but it is crucial to ensure compliance with Immigration New Zealand's (INZ) requirements. This article provides an overview of the process, including the duration, documentation requirements, and how to prepare and lodge an accreditation application.

Documentation Review and Processing:

The process involves various stages, including documentation review and processing. It is essential to have the correct documentation for your company's accreditation application. Our team of experts will assist you in preparing the necessary documentation, highlighting gaps, and compliance issues. The processing time can vary from a few days to a few weeks, depending on the company's size and the necessary changes.

Accreditation Processing Time:

Once the application has been lodged, it will be queued for processing, which may take a few weeks, depending on the number of accreditation applications at that time. The INZ online system will conduct checks against a set of criteria, some of which are automated, while others will require a case officer's input. Overall, the accreditation application process may take between one and three weeks from preparation to approval.

Preparing and Lodging Your Accreditation Application:

Our immigration advisers will guide you through the process of preparing and lodging your accreditation application. We will help you review your HR policies, including employment agreements and health and safety policies. Our immigration agents will identify weak points in your documentation and recommend solutions. Once we have all the information required for a successful accreditation application, we will complete the forms, present the documentation in the required format, and write a comprehensive overview letter for Immigration New Zealand.

Management of Your Application with Immigration New Zealand:

After lodging your application, it may take a few weeks before it is assigned to an INZ case officer. Our team will manage the interactions with the case officer and address any questions they may have until the final decision.