Streamline Your Hiring Process in New Zealand by Becoming an Accredited Employer

In New Zealand, employer accreditation is a process by which employers can demonstrate that they are committed to best practice employment standards and have the systems in place to support the employment of migrant workers. Accreditation is a requirement for employers who wish to employ migrant workers under certain visa categories, such as the Essential Skills Visa.

To become an accredited employer in New Zealand, an employer must meet certain criteria, such as having a good track record of compliance with employment and immigration laws, providing a positive workplace environment, and demonstrating a commitment to training and development for their employees.

Accredited employers have several advantages when it comes to employing migrant workers. For example, they can recruit skilled workers from overseas without having to prove that there are no suitable New Zealand candidates available for the role. Accredited employers can also offer longer visa durations to their migrant workers, making it easier for them to plan for the future.