How To Obtain A Police Certificate


Do you require police clearances from overseas?


A general requirement to obtain a New Zealand visa is that the applicant is of 'good character', with no criminal conviction(s) or pending charge(s) in any country. Under the majority of visa categories, whether temporary or permanent, police clearance certificate(s) from overseas may be required.

How do I know if I require a police certificate?

Your personal adviser at New Zealand Shores will be able to determine if you require police clearance certificates from overseas. Your citizenship, the time you spent in any other country, and the type of visa you apply for, will determine the police certificates that are required.

Timing is important and delays in obtaining the relevant police clearance(s) may jeopardise your ability to meet certain deadlines. Some countries issue police clearances within days, others may take several months. Working with a licensed immigration adviser allows to plan ahead and mitigate these risks of delays.

What is the process?

The Immigration New Zealand website has a tool that explains how to obtain police certificates for most countries.
INZ tool

What if my police certificate shows prior convictions?

This may prompt additional documentation, or at worst hinder your ability to apply for certain types of visas. Here again, working with an Adviser will likely allow you to overcome certain difficulties and ensure you are taking the right steps.

If you are found as not meeting character requirements (as defined in New Zealand immigration policy), your personal Adviser will work with you to request a character waiver depending on your situation. Extreme circumstances may require a special request to the Minister, granted at their discretion.
If you are in a difficult situation due to character issues, we may be able to help. Contact Us Today

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