Study In New Zealand

Achieving an internationally recognized qualification is a common goal for many of us, and pursuing higher education at a university or tertiary institution in New Zealand offers an exceptional opportunity to realize this ambition. By choosing to study in New Zealand, you can avail yourself of top-notch education and earn a degree with global recognition.

Student Visa Eligibility Requirements

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Choosing the Right Program to Study in New Zealand

There is a wide variety of courses available, including options that allow you to work while studying. Upon completion of your studies, you may be eligible for an open work visa, providing the opportunity to seek full-time employment in New Zealand.

Diverse Study Pathways

Whether you are searching for a suitable course or obtaining a visa for you and your family, there are a variety of pathways accessible to you. We are committed to finding the optimal path for you and your family to meet your long-term goals. Our services for students include assisting with course selection and securing a place through a student visa and family visa.

Authorised Agents

Our team of licensed immigration advisers possesses comprehensive knowledge on the requirements for obtaining approval of your student visa from Immigration New Zealand. Please feel free to reach out to us to explore the available International Study Options and Student Visa Options in New Zealand.

Additionally, for further information, you may refer to international students' work rights to learn more about opportunities to work in New Zealand after completing your studies or bringing your family to join you.

Study As A Domestic Student

Pursuing Studies in New Zealand as a Domestic Student

In New Zealand, the classification of students into international or domestic is based on the type of visa held. It is essential to understand the distinction between these categories to determine eligibility for certain benefits and services.

Temporary Visa Holders and Education Options in New Zealand

For children who are dependents of temporary visa holders and are at early childhood level (under 5 years old), they can attend kindergarten on a dependent child visitor visa. In the case of primary or secondary level, dependent children of certain temporary visa holders will require a student visa, but will generally be considered domestic students, enabling them to study for free in any public school in New Zealand.

Adult students studying at tertiary level will need a residence-class visa or an international student visa, unless they possess a temporary visa that permits short-term study (typically 3 to 6 months).

Eligibility for Domestic Student Benefits as a Residence Visa Holder

If you hold a residence-class visa in New Zealand, you can study at the tertiary level as a domestic student and pay lower fees compared to international students. Additionally, residence visa holders may also qualify for other benefits related to higher studies, but there are additional requirements to fulfill.

Fee-free first year of study:

You may be eligible to study your first year of university fee-free if you have been a resident of New Zealand for at least 3 years.
Feesfree website -

Interest-free student loan:

You must have lived in New Zealand on a residence-class visa for three years to qualify for an interest-free student loan.
Studylink website -

Apprenticeships (till December 2022):

Since December 2020, the government has been providing funding for free apprenticeships that are available to you from the first day of your residence in New Zealand. Even if you are a work visa holder, you may still qualify for this initiative if the apprenticeship is within your visa expiry date.
Tertiary Education Commission-

Definition of A Domestic Student in New Zealand as per New Zealand Ministry of Education

The MOE website provides a definition of domestic students in New Zealand as per Section 10 of the Education and Training Act 2020.
MOE website-