Selection of Tertiary Courses

We assist you in selecting the course and institution that best suits your individual circumstances, taking into account your academic, employment, and financial background. Our approach involves considering your long-term goals, including your career aspirations, as we help you make informed choices.

Admission to Your Preferred Course

The admission process for your selected education institution can be a daunting task. We will act as a liaison with the appropriate tertiary provider on your behalf, streamlining the application process to ensure that it progresses as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Management of Immigration New Zealand Visas

We provide comprehensive assistance in managing the Immigration New Zealand visa process for you and your family, from beginning to end. This includes unlimited immigration advice on the application process, required documentation, visa application submissions, and managing your visa applications until a decision is reached by Immigration New Zealand.

Relocation Services

Our staff possess extensive knowledge on various aspects of relocating to New Zealand and are pleased to offer guidance to help facilitate your travel and migration arrangements.