Business And Entrepreneur Visas


Promoting employment and investment in New Zealand.


Encouraging individuals to work and invest in New Zealand is a positive means of promoting economic growth by attracting capital and valuable business expertise to the country. The investment categories permit eligible businesspersons to purchase or initiate a business in New Zealand. Relocating to New Zealand not only presents promising business prospects, but also an incredible lifestyle.

New Zealand business visas

New Zealand Business Visas may result in obtaining permanent or temporary residence, with the option to acquire permanent residency later on. New Zealand Shores provides assistance with both Investment and Entrepreneur Visas. To determine if you qualify for a business visa in New Zealand, complete our complimentary eligibility assessment.

When considering applying for an Investment or Entrepreneur visa, it's important to seek advice from a licensed immigration advisor since these visas are unique and have different criteria. This will help ensure that you are taking the path that best suits your situation.

Invest in New Zealand

Investing in New Zealand can lead to gaining residence. The eligibility criteria and minimum investment requirements vary depending on the type of investment, with recent policy changes rewarding senior business experience, English language skills, and growth-oriented investments.
Under current New Zealand Immigration policy, there is one type of investment visa with minimum investment requirements of NZD$5 to 15 million. The eligibility criteria and minimum income requirement are vastly different depending on the type of investment.

Currently, there is only one type of investment visa in New Zealand, with minimum investment requirements ranging from NZD$5 to 15 million. The eligibility criteria and minimum income requirement vary significantly depending on the type of investment.

Starting or acquiring a business in New Zealand

For experienced business individuals who prefer self-employment over finding a job, the Entrepreneur visa pathways may be a suitable option as they offer a pathway to residence within 6 months to 2.5 years. These visas allow innovative entrepreneurial minds to come to New Zealand, create job opportunities, and make valuable contributions to local communities. If you possess an entrepreneurial mindset, a clean business track record, and at least $200,000 to invest, this could be a viable pathway for you..

Make a global impact

The Global Impact Visa is designed for exceptionally talented and high-profile entrepreneurs whose innovative ideas have the potential to bring significant benefits to New Zealand.