Helping Your Foreign Employees Adjust to Life in New Zealand

An employer should assist their migrant employees in settling in after applying for a visa

It is in your company's best advantage to make sure that the arrival and integration of your new workers into your workplace lives up to their expectations because you have spent time and effort selecting the ideal talent for your organisation. Before arrival, upon arrival, on their first day, and moving forward, there are a few straightforward tasks you should be aware of.

Earlier planning

Many immigrants have carefully planned their journeys and are well aware of what to anticipate upon arrival. In any case, moving to a new nation is a significant task for most families. You should be ready to offer these new hires at least the most basic training as an employer. This might take the shape of an orientation programme or partnering new hires with an experienced member of their team.

Daily life in New Zealand

Beyond the workplace, migrants may require information about the area, housing, banking, transportation, education, or taxes. A relocation package that assists with paying for housing or visa costs may be available to larger firms. Money isn't everything, though. Many migrants have relatives who can help, but those who don't will appreciate help from their coworkers in any way.

Training and manners

A candidate might appear to fit your needs on paper. They will probably fulfil or even surpass your expectations once they are on the scene. Beyond their professional or technical abilities, there might be discrepancies in social graces, communication norms, or expectations on both sides. To prevent disappointment for either party, it's critical that you maintain open lines of communication.

Do you know? A "checklist to plan ahead" is available from Immigration New Zealand.

Compliance is important

Remember that foreign workers in New Zealand are entitled to the same rights as local residents.