Things to consider

In today's job market, employers may need to consider hiring from overseas to fill positions that cannot be filled by local talent. While the process may seem daunting, it is relatively straightforward as long as certain steps are followed. As an employer, you must keep in mind the following important steps. Once you have carefully considered these steps, you can make a written job offer to your candidate, who must also meet health and good character requirements.

It's important to note that from 2022, businesses must have employer accreditation to support a work visa application for international workers.

Become an accredited employer

Can the necessary staff be found locally?

Migrant workers possess equal employment rights as New Zealand citizens.

Before you may offer a job to a migrant, you will frequently—but not always—need to demonstrate that you cannot locate qualified workers locally. This is referred to by Immigration New Zealand as the "labour market test," or, are there suitable New Zealanders to fill the role? In essence, you may easily demonstrate that you tried to hire New Zealanders by posting job ads on well-known websites like Seek or Trademe and providing proof that no other applicant was qualified. Also, recruiters could offer proof, and your neighbourhood Work & Income agency could help you look for possible applicants for lower-skilled jobs (in the form of a Skills Match Report).

Depending on the circumstances, certain jobs, candidates, or companies may be exempt from the "labour market test" requirement. If the requirements are satisfied, you can hire a migrant without posting the position.

Is a visa required for your candidate?

Depending on the role you are providing them, some people may already have the ability to work in New Zealand as part of their current visa, while others may need a visa. Generally speaking, temporary travellers with a general visitor visa are not permitted to work. Holders of resident visas are free to accept any position, in any industry, in any location.

What possibilities are there for visas for your staff?

Your candidate has a variety of visa alternatives accessible to them, depending on things like their qualifications, your position as an employer, the job being offered, the area, etc. Usually, the Accredited Employer Work visa is the primary visa requested.

How do we aid New Zealand business owners?

It can be expensive and time-consuming to hire people from abroad. Yet, it does not have to be tense. We enjoy collaborating with New Zealand employers in order to increase the likelihood of success. In order to help with the procedure, we can:

  • Analyse the visa eligibility of your desired individual. In terms of immigration, this refers to figuring out whether they will comply with the pertinent immigration guidelines in effect at the time of application submission, are adequately qualified, have the necessary registration in New Zealand, and have all of their paperwork in order.
  • Verify the prospects for your candidate's long-term habitation in New Zealand. Most overseas employees want to get permanent residence in New Zealand.
  • Provide your candidate's family with the best route(s) to take.
  • Look over and talk about the prerequisites for the job market check. Alternatively put, is it necessary to publicise the position, and if so, how?
  • The paperwork stage should be guided by both the employer and the candidate
  • Ensure that all employment-related documentation complies with applicable laws.
  • On behalf of the applicant, handle all aspects of the visa application process, such as guidance on the required papers, application preparation, review, and submission, as well as communication with Immigration New Zealand until acceptance.