Can We Guarantee You A Job?


Licensed Immigration Advisers cannot guarantee a job offer in New Zealand.


Can we guarantee you a job?

Licensed Immigration Advisers cannot guarantee a job offer in New Zealand. Immigration New Zealand is also very aware of false employment agreements. As a consequence, scams involving paying for jobs are severely scrutinised. However, Derrick Jones Immigration provides assistance in your job search and may even be able to match your profile with a partner employer. We have New Zealand employers requests almost on a daily basis, and we periodically scan our clients database to match their skills with our partner’s needs as best we can.

Do you act as recruitment agents?

We are not recruitment agents and do not charge for recruitment services. Our fees are for immigration advice, and we aim to facilitate the job search leading to the lodgement of your visa application.

How long does it take to find a job in New Zealand?

Changing jobs or looking for your first job in New Zealand can be a long, stressful, and tedious process. Even for New Zealanders, it can take several months. We aim to facilitate this process by giving you the right tools to make your New Zealand job hunting time-effective. The vast majority of our clients find a job within a few months of signing up with us, with our services agreements being valid for 2 years. Our team comes from different backgrounds and their vast expertise will prove invaluable in your job search. By working along your side during the entire process, we will provide support in many ways.

What does it take to find a job in New Zealand?

We find that our most successful clients, those who find a job most easily, simply tick the right boxes:

  • Having a real motivation to move to New Zealand, and being truly committed to look for jobs
  • Working hand-in-hand with us
  • Having the right qualification and/or experience for the job
  • Personalising each and every application to the position applied for

We can assist in any of these areas, by coaching you through the process, recommending avenues to explore, providing NZ-formatted documents.

Studying in New Zealand as a pathway to employment

We may sometimes recommend a short qualification in New Zealand that will give you the competitive edge, particularly if you are from a country where your qualification and/or experience is unlikely to be highly valued. Depending on your situation, the subject, and duration of your studies, you may be granted an open work visa after your studies in New Zealand, which in turn may lead to full time employment and possibly residence.