New Zealand Employers VS Hiring Migrants


Are Kiwi employers reluctant to employ overseas workers?


New Zealand has a reputation for having comprehensive and fair employment laws, but some Kiwi employers may be hesitant to hire overseas workers due to perceived complexities and bureaucracy of the immigration process. However, there are ways to overcome this reluctance and secure a job in New Zealand.

Possible reasons for reluctance

Some employers may prefer New Zealanders over migrants due to concerns about English proficiency, lack of confidence in modern interview methods, worry that the applicant will disappear once they arrive in the country, scepticism towards overseas qualifications, doubts about quality standards for certain industries overseas, and fear that the position will be used as a stepping stone towards another job.

Bridging the skill gap

Despite these concerns, it is important to remember that New Zealand relies heavily on overseas workers to bridge the skill gap, and the government maintains lists of occupations in chronic shortage. Even if your occupation is not on an Essential Skills in Demand List, your experience may be rare in certain regions and invaluable to potential employers.

Stand out from the crowd!

As a trusted local support agent, we can act as your advocate to potential employers. We have dedicated significant efforts to educate employers and have established partnerships with hundreds of them. Many of these companies have relied on us to handle all of their visa applications for overseas workers. In fact, we receive daily calls from employers who seek to verify our clients' credentials and seek clarification on the visa process.

Follow up

It is also important to proactively follow up on job applications to demonstrate your commitment and interest in the position, as employers are often busy and may overlook your application without a reminder.
In conclusion, while the reluctance of some New Zealand employers to hire migrants may pose challenges, with the right strategies and support, you can overcome these obstacles and secure a fulfilling job in New Zealand.

We find that the vast majority of them do end up being hired.

Build your presence

In a wide range of industries, having a professional, online presence can be beneficial in your job search strategy. Visit our page on networking and the hidden job market.


Show your interest

Your job search strategy should include a robust follow-up method. Employers are busy and it may pay to proactively follow up on applications to show your commitment and particular interest in an application.

Following Up