Working in New Zealand: A Comprehensive Guide.

If you have secured a temporary job or have been sent to New Zealand for work by your company for a specific period, what should you anticipate? Here's a guide to working in New Zealand.

New Zealand workplaces, like those in other countries, exhibit significant cultural differences

Fostering a 'Can Do' Attitude: The Work Culture in New Zealand.

New Zealanders are recognized for their straightforward approach to work and their ability to efficiently accomplish tasks. The work atmosphere is affable and cooperative, with minimal emphasis on hierarchy, as everyone is urged to participate and contribute their ideas to the job at hand.

Small Businesses, Great Accomplishments: The Benefits of Working in New Zealand

In New Zealand, where 40% of the economy is composed of businesses with fewer than 20 employees and the average business employs only 13 individuals, collaboration among coworkers is highly valued. The work environment in New Zealand is characterised by a less bureaucratic system, with junior staff members working alongside senior management and everyone being treated equally regardless of their status. This inclusive approach provides opportunities for employees to engage in a wider range of tasks and develop new skills, leading to a more fulfilling work experience. In New Zealand, emphasis is placed on the abilities of the individual employee, rather than their rank or position within the organisation.

Teamwork in New Zealand Workplaces

New Zealanders are known for their independent spirit, but teamwork remains a crucial aspect of their work culture. Building friendships with your colleagues is essential for success in this environment. If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to ask, as Kiwis are generally welcoming and friendly towards newcomers. Social events, such as rugby games and welcome/farewell parties, are common in the workplace and provide an excellent opportunity to bond with your coworkers and learn more about them.

Prioritising Family Time in New Zealand

New Zealand places a strong emphasis on family values, in part due to its stunning natural scenery and safe environment. To accommodate this, most businesses close early in the afternoon, with only a handful of cafes remaining open after 5 pm. Employers in New Zealand are generally accommodating and understanding of their employees' family needs. If an employee performs well and meets their job requirements, they may be granted additional time off for special events or occasions.

Job Seeking in New Zealand

While job hunting in New Zealand shares similarities with other countries, there are a few important factors to consider before applying for a job. You must hold a valid visa or be eligible to apply for one within a specified timeframe. To assist you in this process, we are here to provide guidance and support.

Recruitment Agencies in New Zealand for Foreign Job Seekers

While not all recruiters in New Zealand may be receptive to migrant applications, there are numerous reputable recruitment agencies and high-volume employers with whom we have established partnerships over the years.