Job Search Challenges And Tips


How can we facilitate your job search in New Zealand?


Tips and Strategies for a Successful Job Search in New Zealand

Finding a job can be a challenging task, especially when you are new to a country. Here are some tips and strategies to help you navigate the job search process in New Zealand:

Do your research

It is essential to conduct research on the industries and sectors that match your qualifications and experience. Check job postings online, and explore the hidden job market by reaching out to recruiters in your sector or networking with professionals in your industry.

Determine if your occupation is in demand

Visit the Careers New Zealand website and their Jobs database to find out if your occupation is in demand in New Zealand. You can also learn about pay scales, job opportunities, qualification requirements, and alternative positions.

Research potential employers

Before applying for a job, do some research on the employer. Find out who to contact in the human resources department, the size of the company, their competitors, and career prospects within the organisation.

Know your worth

Learn about the average salary for your occupation in New Zealand, the level of responsibility involved in the role, and the experience required. This information will help you negotiate your salary and ensure you are offered at least the 'market rate' for your position.

Check for Accredited Employers

Immigration New Zealand maintains a list of over 1,700 Accredited Employers. These employers frequently hire migrants, and the visa application process is streamlined. Getting a visa under the Accredited employer scheme may also be a pathway to residence after working for two years in New Zealand with a salary at or above NZ$79,560.

At Derrick Jones Immigration, we provide a comprehensive Job Search Package to our clients to help them find work in New Zealand. With our support, you can confidently navigate the job market and secure a job that matches your skills and experience.