How Much Will It Cost To Migrate To New Zealand?


The cost of immigrating to New Zealand depends on various factors


Moving to a new country is by definition an expensive exercise. Let's look at the various factors that influence your migration budget.

Immigration consultancy and visa fees

The fee we charge to assist with your migration largely depend on the visas you are eligible for, and the pathway(s) you wish to take. Our eligibility assessment will enable us to determine the best pathways available to you and your family.

Visa fees

These are fees that are paid to Immigration New Zealand upon submission of your visa application. They depend on your country of citizenship, the visa category, and in your physical location at the time of application. In some cases, the visa fee may be waived due to bilateral agreements between New Zealand and your country of origin. Indicative visa fees (NZD$):

  • Work visa: $495 to $635
  • Partnership visa: $495 to $635
  • Visitor visa: from $211
  • Student visa: $275 to $330
  • Resident visa: $1,480 to $3,310

INZ publishes a schedule of fees, which may change at any time.


Throughout your migration, you may require documentation such as passports, birth certificates, or photos. You may also have to get certain documents translated, and for most residence applications, certified copies of original documents may be required. In some countries, there may be a cost associated with getting an authorised person to certify your document.

Throughout your documentation phase, New Zealand Shores assists you with what documentation is required in preparation for your visa application, and we will let you know what documents may require translation or certification, to avoid unnecessary costs.

International Qualification Assessment

The New Zealand Qualification Authority (NZQA) publishes a list of qualifications that are automatically recognises in New Zealand immigration policy. If your qualification is not on the list, you may have to get your qualification assessed in order to claim points for residence. The cost is from $445.

Professional Registration

Certain occupations require registration by law, with a relevant body. This includes for instance electricians, teachers, lawyers, plumbers/gasfitters, or physiotherapists amongst other roles. In many cases there is a fee from the registration body associated the registration process.