New Zealand Working holiday Visa


The perfect option to visit New Zealand and work!


Working Holiday visas are typically available to young individuals aged between 18-30 (and sometimes up to 35 years) who wish to work and travel in New Zealand for a period ranging from 12 to 23 months, depending on their country of citizenship.

To qualify for the Working Holiday Scheme, you must fulfil the eligibility criteria specific to your country of origin and the passport you intend to use to enter New Zealand. It is important to apply for the correct Scheme based on your intended passport, as applying for the wrong one could lead to your application being rejected and may have negative consequences for future visa applications. To ensure that you provide the correct information and submit your application accurately, it is advisable to seek assistance from a Licensed Adviser.

Working Holiday Visa Schemes for New Zealand

What to do if you secure permanent employment while on a working holiday visa?

If you happen to secure permanent employment while on a working holiday visa, typically you are not allowed to accept it. However, some schemes may allow you to work for a few months with each employer. If you are offered a permanent job, it could be an opportunity for you to apply for a longer-term work visa or even residency.

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