Health Requirements To Move To New Zealand


Do you meet the Acceptable Standard of Health (ASH) requirements?


Understanding Health Requirements for a New Zealand Visa Application

To apply for a New Zealand visa, it is important to note that there are health requirements that must be met. In most cases, applicants must meet the Acceptable Standard of Health (ASH) requirement, which is determined by the duration of stay and the type of visa being applied for. The ASH requirement ensures that applicants do not pose a risk to public health and that they will not burden New Zealand's health and education services.

Meeting the ASH requirement is also necessary for applicants who plan to work or study in New Zealand, unless they are entering the country for medical treatment. Depending on the type of visa and the countries the applicant has visited in the past few months, providing a medical certificate and/or a chest X-Ray may be necessary. The cost of a medical certificate can be high, and it is only valid for three months. It is important to follow the right order of procedures to avoid unnecessary costs. If any medical issues arise during the examination, the applicant's application may be referred to an Immigration New Zealand medical assessor, and in some cases, a medical waiver may be required.

Where to Get a Medical Examination for New Zealand Visa Application?

If you are outside New Zealand, Immigration New Zealand has a designated panel of doctors or institutions where you can get your medical examination. Onshore, any legally practising medical practitioner can conduct the examination. Your personal adviser will guide you on the required documents and where to obtain them. Please note that medical certificates are costly and valid for only three months, with rare exceptions for extensions. Hence, it is crucial to follow the correct order of procedures to avoid unnecessary expenses.

What happens if I have a health issue?

In the event that your medical examination reveals a health issue, you or any of your family members may not meet the Acceptable Standard of Health, and you may be referred to an Immigration New Zealand medical assessor or your visa application may be declined. In some cases, your adviser may request a medical waiver, which is evaluated on a case-by-case basis and is not always approved. If you have concerns about a pre-existing medical condition and want to know if it is likely to affect your migration plans, speak with an adviser today.