You Have A Job Offer In New Zealand


Securing a job offer is frequently the initial stage in obtaining a work visa.


What steps should I take if I have received a job offer in New Zealand?

After being offered a job in New Zealand, your employer may require you to commence work promptly. Although they acknowledge that you may have a notice period of 2 to 4 weeks, most employers anticipate that you can begin work within 1 or 2 months at the maximum. However, a work visa is necessary, and current processing times take approximately 2-8 weeks. Although you may be enthusiastic about working in New Zealand, we advise you to take a day or two to assess the offer carefully and ensure you have comprehended all of the particulars.

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If I qualify for the Skilled Migrant Category, will I require a work visa as well?

Yes, even if you meet the requirements for Skilled Migrant Category residence and have received a job offer for skilled employment, it is highly probable that you will require a temporary work visa since the approval of a residence application usually takes 4 to 9 months. Obtaining a temporary work visa will allow you to enter the country and begin working while your residence application is being processed in the background.


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